Why was 3-Quote?

Are you looking for the perfect advertising place to showcase your company that is designed to enable your advert to feature in the sub-category your adverts would fall under, within your geographical area, without getting lost in the system?

In the past I have been landed with the task of having to ‘find three quotes’ to cover specific situations but found the task almost impossible to complete.

 With that in mind, I performed a case study to ascertain the reasons why it is such a mission to obtain quotes from companies. In that quest I sent out 4 583 emails requesting a quote and received a response from only 20 of those companies.

After identifying the reasons for the non-response to companies to requests for quotes from prospective clients, I set about developing this advertising platform which I designed to prevent Advertisers who understand the necessity of responding to requests for quotes from getting ‘lost in the system’ and Users, who often quickly need to gather three quotes, to find each other.

There are no fees attached to the transaction when a User browses this site or requests quotes. Irrespective of the number of quotes you need for your purpose, when you request quotes on this site, the system is designed to provide you with up to 5 quotes.

All the Advertisers registered on this website are sorted into categories and sub-categories, with each company providing unique keywords on their profile. (To improve the chance of a User finding suitable advertisers from whom to request quotes, the range of possibilities is limited to 5 Advertisers within each sub-category, within each geographical area.)