Free Ads

An Advertiser may, by finding new Advertisers to join 3-Quote, earn sufficient points each month, to put him/herself in a position to advertise on 3-Quote for free.

To increase the value of 3-Quote as an advertising platform, the Advertisers are encouraged to help grow the number of Advertisers registered on the system. To that aim a point system is instituted where by current Advertisers may earn sufficient points in a month to be exempt from paying a monthly premium for that month.

It is crucial to the success of 3-Quote to have a mix of large and small advertisers. (The larger companies have the money, while the smaller companies have specialist knowledge and flexibility. And, of course, it is important that the chief decision-maker be contactable, so the registration of a CEO earns the highest points.)

While advertising your own company on 3-Quote automatically earns you 1 point, helping to grow the advertising base earns the following points:

- A normal Advertiser = 2 points;

- A corporate Advertiser = 3 points;

- The CEO / company owner = 5 points.