On 3-Quote, Advertisers are required to sign a fixed contract that runs from month to month, that incorporates a 30-day cancellation clause either way.

The benefit of this system, opposed a longer-termed contract, is that an Advertiser who realizes 3-Quote is not delivering the expected business is free cancel their contract at any time.

However, it is important that prospective Advertisers understand that their participation on 3-Quote is also subject to a bidding system, which is explained below under “The rules of the game” section. To avoid the bidding system, you may decide to enter into a 12 month fixed contract with 3-Quote.


All Users are requested to report Advertisers on 3-Quote that do not comply with the ‘Respond within 48 hours’ rule to the administrator, who will approach you for an explanation of your company’s non-compliance to this rule; which may result in any of the following actions being taken against your company:

- The CEO/company owner will be duly informed;

- Repeated ‘no quotes’ reports may cause your company profile to be deleted off 3-Quote;

- A defaulter may cause the category into which his/her company is sorted to become subject to the bidding system, which is explained below;

- You may, under certain conditions, be offered the opportunity to sign a 12-month contract with 3-Quote. (Note: In this case the ‘User reporting system’ will still operate.).

If the category relevant to your company is full (maximum 5 companies in the category, within a geographic area), a defaulter may cause the bidding system may be exercised, which works as follows:

- A prospective Advertiser, who is eager to join 3-Quote, may put in a bid at a higher monthly premium to take over a current Advertiser’s advertising space;

- All the current Advertisers within the relevant category will be informed of the bid and each asked whether they are willing to accept paying the higher monthly premium;

- The Advertisers that agree to paying the higher monthly premium maintain their position on 3-Quote. And those that are not willing to pay the higher premium will fall away and the new Advertiser takes their space.


To avoid the bidding system, you may decide to enter into a 12 month fixed contract with 3-Quote