By participating on 3-Quote you will be part of a system designed to connect corporate companies and individuals together.

By participating on 3-Quote you will be part of a growing business community that understands the need to pay close attention to the timely issuing of quotes requested by prospective clients.

By participating on 3-Quote prospective clients will be aware that your company is part of a growing business community that is concerned with the quality of client service they offer.

By participating on 3-Quote you will place your company in a position to enjoy a higher than average income for your business sector, even during tough economic times. This is because only up to 5 members per category, per geographical area, will be admitted onto the system and those members must deliver the goods to maintain their position within the category.

Smaller companies will benefit from participating in 3-Quote as the larger companies—which want to only liaise directly with the CEO/company owner (i.e. the chief decision-maker)—will be encouraged to use this site for their business/supplier searches.

Another benefit of participating on 3-Quote is that all the Advertisers who are requested to deliver a quote are all issued with the same quote specifications. This means that all Advertisers have an equal opportunity to deliver the winning quote and close a deal.

When procurement staff work through 3-Quote they are not tempted to succumb to bribery or kick-backs. When staff wait for the highest kick-back to be revealed before making the decision with which company they will place an order it is usually, with regards to profit realized by your company, not the best deal they could have made.

There are no fees attached to the transaction when a User browses this site or requests quotes. Irrespective of the number of quotes you need for your purpose, when you request quotes on this site, the system is designed to provide you with up to 5 quotes.

All the Advertisers registered on this website are sorted into categories and sub-categories, with each company providing unique keywords on their profile. (To improve the chance of a User finding suitable advertisers from whom to request quotes, the range of possibilities is limited to 5 Advertisers within each sub-category, within each geographical area.)