3-Quote is a web site designed to provide an effective user-friendly platform for prospective clients (the User) and companies (the Advertiser) to connect.

Are you looking for the perfect advertising place to showcase your company that is designed to enable your advert to feature in the sub-category your adverts would fall under, within your geographical area, without getting lost in the system?

Only up to 5 members per category, per geographical area, will be admitted onto the system and those members must deliver the goods to maintain their position within the category.

The definition of a ‘quote’ on 3-Quote

- The provision of more relevant information;

- The Advertiser is provided an opportunity to share with you the extent of his/her knowledge on that which you request a quote; and

- The price.

After identifying the reasons for the non-response to companies to requests for quotes from prospective clients, I set about developing this advertising platform which I designed to prevent Advertisers who understand the necessity of responding to requests for quotes from getting ‘lost in the system’ and Users, who often quickly need to gather three quotes, to find each other.

Do you, when sourcing quotes for goods or services, battle to find companies who are willing to supply you with a suitable quote? Then you have found the answer to your problem, as 3-Quote has been designed to address that issue.